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Last year Rockland CARES became an official non-profit with the goal of sustaining our mission of providing education, support and resources to those affected by substance use disorder (addiction).

SAVE THE DATE!!! We are excited to announce that August 25th we are having our very first fundraiser. The funds will support our Rockland CARES programs and initiatives and will provide a scholarship to Rockland high school grads promoting healthy living. More details to come very soon! For now... mark your calendars and help spread the word. 

Pictures from GraffitiFest and Rockland Day are coming soon... 

Donations can be made out to Rockland CARES and mailed to:

Rockland CARES

10 Daniel Teague Drive

Rockland MA, 02370​

Rockland CARES will be meeting Tuesday June 19th at 6:30 PM  

Webster Park Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center.

56 Webster Street​

Rockland MA, 02370​

Rockland CARES is supported by:

Rockland Police Department
Rockland Fire Department
Brockton Area Prevention Coalition
Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office
Webster Park Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center

Rockland Friends

​Magoun-Biggins Funeral Home

​Rockland Athletic Supplies

Substance Abuse Treatment Helpful Links

​​​​​Rockland CARES stands for community, awareness, resources, education, and support. Our mission is to provide information and support for people and their families suffering from addiction.